You consign it. We sell it.


What We Do:

CopVsDrop is a website for both Buyers and Sellers of Supreme, Bape, Sneakers and more. We are the only online site that consigns clothing and shoes, and we take a very small cut, on top of that, we let you list at your own price. By doing this, we allow for both buyers and sellers to have a concentrated marketplace for everything they need. Making it easier to find your grails, or let your grails go! To start consigning, click on the Start Selling tab above.

About Us:

CopVsDrop is the only street ware consignment shop based in NY. Our motto is simple, You consign it, we sell it. We don't take outrageous fees, and this allows us to keep prices low. The idea behind our website, is to allow sellers to sell their goods for market value and sell them fast, by doing this, we hope to gain more and more consigners, and a large arsenal of clothes, and thus give a ton of variety to our customers. All while keeping prices low by only taking a 20% cut. 

The faster we sell clothes, the faster consigners can replenish our stock, and the sooner our customers can find the items they are looking for at low prices. Help us create a marketplace for everyone to use. To start consigning, click on the Start Selling tab above. 

CopVsDrop Owner: 

Dimitri Williot